Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Grammy winner, is the next guest on the CD in the works. A part of his magic in the song “Paradiso” to tickle your imagination.

MAGAZIN – Journey through time

Majda Šoletić (1979-1981) Marija Kuzmić (1982) Ljiljana Nikolovska (1983-1990) Danijela Martinović (1990-1996) Jelena Rozga (1996-2006) Ivana Kovač (2006-2010) Andrea Šušnjara (2010-)
After successfully collaborating with the world famous harpist Victor Espinola on the song ‘Rain’, Tonči Huljić is now working with V. M. Bhatt, a Grammy Award-winning instrumentalist from India. V. M. Bhatt is a new guest on an album in the making, called Mediteraneo, and he guest stars in the Tonči Huljić’s song ‘Paradiso’ with
A duet of Jelena Rozga and another big regional guest star friend will be released soon. Who is our guest star? Let’s keep it a surprise, all will be revealed these days.
Tonči Huljić is in his studio, finishing recording of new songs for Petar Grašo. Are you ready for a new musical number?