Kursalon, Vienna – 19/06/2023

Kursalon…The first commercial concert in the historical park in the center of Vienna.
Watch more at https://www.instagram.com/p/CgWgMiOsFOG
Watch more at https://www.instagram.com/p/CfTcgfrlFCB
The gala premiere of the sacral pop concert – MASS MEDITERRANEAN, authored by Tonči Huljić and Hana Huljić was held on August 6th  in Split. Loud applause and enthusiasm of the audience confirmed that about 40 musicians arranged on the steps of the Meštrović Gallery prepared a true musical spectacle! In many ways, this specific
The premiere of the new song “Mare crazy”.

Tears of pearls revival again

A demo of the title theme of a New TV series is being recorded.

MAGAZIN – Premiere of a new song

The premiere of the new song “Just to know” (I am strong), which will be presented at this year’s CMC festival. A strong and powerful message to all women, sent by Vjekoslava Huljić with her text, and completed by Tonči Huljić with a totally new, harder sound, brings us to the new Magazin, which after
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Grammy winner, is the next guest on the CD in the works. A part of his magic in the song “Paradiso” to tickle your imagination.

MAGAZIN – Journey through time

Majda Šoletić (1979-1981) Marija Kuzmić (1982) Ljiljana Nikolovska (1983-1990) Danijela Martinović (1990-1996) Jelena Rozga (1996-2006) Ivana Kovač (2006-2010) Andrea Šušnjara (2010-)
After successfully collaborating with the world famous harpist Victor Espinola on the song ‘Rain’, Tonči Huljić is now working with V. M. Bhatt, a Grammy Award-winning instrumentalist from India. V. M. Bhatt is a new guest on an album in the making, called Mediteraneo, and he guest stars in the Tonči Huljić’s song ‘Paradiso’ with
A duet of Jelena Rozga and another big regional guest star friend will be released soon. Who is our guest star? Let’s keep it a surprise, all will be revealed these days.
Tonči Huljić is in his studio, finishing recording of new songs for Petar Grašo. Are you ready for a new musical number?